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    12 Wiener Dogs Stuck In Sleeves Is The Funniest Thing

    It would be sad if it weren't so funny.

    1. "I regret nothing."

    2. "They all warned me that if I went down the warmth tunnel, I may never return. But I did I listen? I never listen."

    3. "I've made a huge mistake."

    4. "Just keep waggin', just keep waggin'."

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    5. "It's the new style, it's okay, I'm fine, really."

    6. "I hate that you found me like this."

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    7. "I'm actually very happy with myself."

    8. "I'm never helping with laundry again."

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    9. "Please stop laughing at me, you heathens."

    10. "Help me get away from that thong, dear god."

    11. "Do you think I'm a fucking joke?"

    12. "Stupid, Carol. Stupid, Stupid."