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42 Ways Bay Cities Sandwiches Are Literally Heaven On Earth

If you live in or have even visited L.A. and HAVEN'T BEEN, what are you even doing with your life?

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1. So, anyone who has stepped foot in this glorious den of unfathomable beauty knows this is it. This is the only sandwich place anyone needs.

2. This is, in large part, due to the more holy of sandwiches: the GODMOTHER.

5. Oh dear god, let's just wait a second to catch our breath.

6. But Bay Cities has so much more. Why else would you brave their treacherous parking lot?

(Just park across the street at Von's, and skip your way to glory).

7. Like when you walk toward the back, your nose guiding you to the majestic essence that is their bread.

8. And everything is right in this world because someone is baking fresh bread all day to make your insides warm and your mouth weep.

9. This fresh bread is an intregal part of every one of their sandwiches.

10. But the real pros get a baguette* along with their sandwiches.

12. All the options of meat to put on your delectable delight are enough to make a mind explode.

13. Prosciutto never looked so damn good.

15. This pesto and chicken delight makes healthy seem decadent.

16. They turn a regular ol' tuna sandwich into a heavenly treat of angel laughs and rainbows.

17. Meat not your thing? You can still delight in their earth-shattering Caprese sandwich.

Listen. I stopped eating meat years ago and this place made it the hardest. As much as I weep for the loss of my beloved Toscano salami, THIS IS DOWNRIGHT MAGIC, ESPECIALLY if you swap their mozzarella for their marinated mozzarella balls.

18. Studies have shown their Eggplant Parm causes people to yell out "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" with every bite.

19. You can load up your sandwiches with cheese from EVERYWHERE DELICIOUS.

20. Your sandwich will go with anything.

21. Literally nothing can detract from this magnificence.

22. But their sides are the BEST.


25. Their eggplant caponata will make you distrust all other caponatas on this planet.

Their caponata is not pictured because it is just too beautiful to capture on film.

26. The sandwiches are so amazing that even in the back of a picture with the magnificent sides, they stand out.

27. Even when the sandwich is deconstructed, all you want to do is make a damn sandwich out of this phenomenon.

28. That last bite is downright glorious, when all the juices have come to the end without making that perfect bread soggy.

29. And no other sandwich will make you feel so guilty for not licking up every last morsel.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this person? THERE IS A PIECE OF BREAD LEFT.

30. They are so beautiful, California's famed beaches can barely keep up.

31. Even though it feels like the wait is forever but entirely worth it...


33. Any party that has this, is a party even the biggest introverts plant themselves at.

34. Their Facebook page is the cutest. This picture has the caption: "What sandwich will I be when I grow up?"

35. The sandwiches are the best companion everywhere...

37. ...the Hollywood Bowl...

39. ...ESPECIALLY, if the sandwich is your date.

40. Nothing is better than alone time with this baby.


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