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7 Turkeys Wondering Why Everyone's Acting So Weird

"Is everyone hanging out without me??"

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1. "Hey! Wanna hang out this week?"

Chelsea Marshall for BuzzFeed

2. "Why is everyone acting so awkward??"

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

3. "I can't help but feel like no one wants to hang out."

Chelsea Marshall for BuzzFeed

4. "What do you mean Becky invited you to a dinner party? She told me she was going out of town!"

Jevtic / Getty Images

5. "Is everyone just hanging out without me?"

Chelsea Marshall for BuzzFeed

6. "I really wish you guys wouldn't treat me like I'm dumb. I KNOW something's up!"

Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

7. "Fine, I guess I'll just binge watch Scandal until everyone gets their act together."

Sergeyparys / Getty Images

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