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17 Truths Only People Who Adore Wine Could Possibly Understand

Wine is made out of grapes so there's my serving of fruit for the day!

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1. You know wine classes up any meal, no matter the shape of your chicken nuggets.

2. You certainly have your priorities straight.

3. This is your kind of workout.

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5. Because hey, wine is made from grapes so really, you're just getting an extra serving of fruit!

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6. Holidays became much more fun when everyone finally reached the drinking age.

7. You cater your bedding to your ~interests~.

budgeting tip buy all of your bedding in the same color as the wine you drink in bed

8. You are Debbie.

9. You think about this paradox daily.

10. And know the true meaning of ~self-care~.

11. You know where to get the perfect bottle for every occasion...

12. ...because you understand what people really want for the holidays.

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13. Finding a true wine bud is a glorious thing.

14. Because nothing's better than watching a beautiful waterfall with a friend.

15. You feel a very specific kinship with this bunny.

16. This:

17. And really the biggest truth: sometimes you're the lady on the left and sometimes you're the guy on the right. But you're always someone who adores their wine

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