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    Jul 30, 2015

    21 Dogs Who Keep It Real

    This is what happens when dogs stop being nice and start being...wait, no, still nice.

    1. When this dog was honest about his fears during shark week:

    "Sharks can't come on land, right?"

    2. When this dog enjoyed the view:

    3. When this dog just couldn't deal with socializing at the party:

    4. When this puppy was honest about his excitement for new Jordan's.

    5. When this dog embodied a "fake it til you make it" attitude:

    6. When this dog was so fake he was real:

    7. The moment this dog realized he was not human or a dancer:

    8. When this dog wanted you to respect your damn self and finish that run:

    9. When this dog just accepted his faults:

    10. When this pup got into a visitor's lap and wanted to make sure her human was jealous:

    11. When this dog finally put his paw down on your tardiness:

    12. When these corgis finally got real about the competition:

    13. When this lady spared no feelings telling her human to get out.

    14. When this bro blocked out all the haters:

    15. When this dog needed you to stop back-seat driving:

    16. When the big dog got his sweetest, chillest revenge.

    17. When this puppy used deception to get what she wanted:

    18. When this hero protested biased reporting in media:

    19. When this front desk manager kept her cool and told you a thing or two about keeping calm:

    20. When this old timer knew exactly what you did:

    21. And finally, when this dog sent Greg to jail.

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