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This One Pit Bull's Transformation Will Bring You To Tears

Things looked hopeless for Davi, a starving pit bull with a life-threatening wound. Until, by a stroke of luck, the right human found him and brought him back to life. Warning: Some of the "before" images are graphic.

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When Wilson Coutinho Martins found Davi, the pit bull weighed only 28 lbs. and suffered from a huge, gaping wound in his rear.

Davi's bone was exposed and he could barely walk; he was at risk of dying from the infection and blood loss.

Wilson, who has devoted his life to rescuing animals in Rio de Janeiro, arrived in the nick of time to become Davi's savior.

After acquainting himself with the dog, Wilson carried him to safety and a vet that could help him.

There, his wounds were treated and his bandages replaced regularly.

From the all the blood loss, he also had to receive several blood transfusions.

Scared but hopeful, Davi began his slow recovery.

He started to gain weight, transforming back into the happy, healthy dog he was meant to be.

It is almost unbelievable how much his wounds have healed in just a few months...

...and that this is the same Davi found in the woods.

Despite his past, Davi still has so much love and affection to give.

Through love and devotion, Davi is now able to live a normal, healthy life.

To see more of Wilson's amazing work, visit Wilson Protector.

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