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    This Elk Is Basically Kevin From "Home Alone"

    Don't worry, all ends well in this story too!

    So winter is a primetime for ELK FAMILY VACATION.*

    *Not scientifically proven.

    Everyone is so excited that some make a FOOL out of themselves as they hit the road.

    There is such a rush and SO MANY family members that it's highly possible someone may get left behind...

    ..this year it was Kevin the Elk to be left behind.

    When a car drives by and he's like "SHIT SHIT SHIT WHERE IS MY DAMN FAMILY."

    But then he gains courage and JUMPS THAT FENCE LIKE AN OLD PRO.

    And, while he hasn't caught up to his family YET you know they'll realize eventually...

    Watch the whole saga here:

    View this video on YouTube

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