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This Adorable Pup Is Living Out The Work Hard, Sleep Hard Motto

Why count sheep if you can sleep on them?

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This is Chooey taking a nap on her favorite sheep.

Chooey, named after the Australian saying "Chooey on your boot", did not always live such a comfy life.

She stuck to people like "chooey" (American Translation: "gum").

She stuck to people like "chooey" (American Translation: "gum").

She was saved from a kill shelter in Narrandera, Australia by the Australian Working Dog Rescue.

After being fostered by the husband and wife duo of the rescue, Chooey found her forever home with a family that includes 3 adult female cattle dogs.

Now she lives a wonderful life, her sweet sheep dreams now her reality.

To find out more about the rescue, visit their facebook page or website.

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