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19 Things You Should Know About Anchorman's Very Own Baxter

Like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.

This past Saturday, I had the honor of meeting the real star of Anchorman 2...Baxter.

Dreamworks / Via

I was nervous but I felt better because Baxter had promised to wear matching PJs in order to recreate the best sleepover in movie history.

Dreamworks LLC

Watch the full, emotional, groundbreaking video here:

To summarize, these are the most important things I learned from this film legend:

1. He sleeps in the nude.

2. He is only interviewed in the finest of places.

3. He still speaks Spanish.

4. He uses his earned right to be fashionably late.

But it's OK because a dog's gotta pee when a dog's gotta pee.

5. He loves a good prank.

(And got me pretty bad.)

(I maybe should've taken off my slippers when I saw this sign...)

6. He is related to a shark.

7. His affinity for scotch went up in preparation for this new film.

8. He is confident in his advice skills.

9. He nasty.

10. He has his own set of rules.

11. But still respects the law (even if it means covering for a co-worker).

12. He absolutely does NOT like when you state the obvious to him.

13. And sadly, he will not be eating wheels of cheese anymore.

14. He loves Snapchat.

15. He knows the best places AND he's a romantic.

16. This is all because he is very sensitive.

17. But even when he gets down on himself, he pulls himself right back up and finds his confidence.

18. Most of all, he makes everyone in his presence exceedingly happy.

19. After all, he is the best.

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