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    35 Things We Learned At New York's Hottest Dog Fashion Show

    Fashion is spelled D. O. G.

    Sure, New York City is famous for its "human" fashions. But the true epicenter of New York's fashion scene is none other than the momentous occasion of The New York Pet Fashion Show, center to the world's highest fashions. And also lots of dogs in dresses raising money for Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. Here is what we learned:

    1. New York Pet Fashion Show Rule Number One: You only get one entrance, so you better WORK it.

    2. New York Pet Fashion Show is no place for nerves, so leave them in the elevator.

    3. The right backdrop is always essential for the perfect pose.

    4. Matching fashions are basically obligatory.

    5. Everyone is royalty and should be treated as such.

    6. Two is always better than one.

    7. Frenemies are REAL.

    8. The best carriages demand respect.

    9. And so do the most lavish headdresses.

    10. Crowns are accessory number one.

    Crown Tip 1: The wearer of a crown should always hold his head high above his shoulders, to ensure that all his subjects may see him in his glory.

    Crown Rule 2: A dog wearing a crown should consider all who look at her to be unworthy of gazing upon her crownéd head.

    Crown Tip 3: A crown allows its wearer to do whatever the hell he wants, because he is wearing the crown.

    11. In the absence of a crown, a fabulous hat may act as a replacement.

    12. A beautiful turban will always suffice.

    13. A proper fur collar can make any fashion pop.

    14. Fashion cannot be too extreme.

    15. A dress can never be too long.

    16. Fashion is much more than what you wear.

    17. Always be ready to strike a pose.

    18. No detail is too small.


    20. The right accessories can otherwise make up for general nudity.

    21. Things that light up are always better than things that do not light up.

    22. Expect those around you to bow down to your greatness.

    Especially if you're packing something as powerful as this:

    23. An entire light-up dress is better than a dress that just lights up a little.

    Especially if you pair your light-up dress with a beautiful crown.

    24. When a light-up dress is unavailable, a light-up visor is a vital accessory.

    25. When in doubt, just go ahead and wear a picture of yourself.

    26. While not encouraged, stank-eyeing fellow fashionistas is basically essential fashion show behavior.

    Grade A, Optimal Stink Eye:

    27. Pretend like you're "above it all" to really piss people off.

    Grade A, Optimal Above-It-All-ness:

    28. The best fashions are the ones that have enough fabric to cover a small island nation.

    29. All the models gotta eat, and their food looks delicious.

    30. It's totally acceptable to show off a dress by being thrust into the air Simba-style.

    31. Even audience dogs are expected to be serving fashion realness at all times.

    32. When you're actually on the runway, you better WORK.

    33. On or off the runway, it's never acceptable to bring anything less than your most outrageous look.

    34. Always have fun.

    35. Everybody leaves a winner.