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    18 Things To Remember When Auditioning For Your First Broadway Show

    Put your best paw forward!

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    The soon-to-open Broadway revival "You Can't Take It With You" recently auditioned kittens from the Humane Society of New York. The winners will star in the show, but all of them are up for the role of a lifetime: being adopted by you!

    1. Take your warm-ups seriously.

    2. "Be a good amount of nervous, like me!"

    3. Be a little opportunistic.

    "I basically come to auditions for the free food."

    4. Don't be worried if someone who looks just like you is also auditioning for the same role. They're lookin' for you!

    5. Know your best feature.

    "Oh, me? My toes are to die for!"

    6. Try to ignore the dozens of people judging you. You got this!

    7. Put on a smile when you meet your director.

    8. If people offer hugs backstage, it's ok to have one. We all need it every now and then.

    9. Focus on the food.

    10. Stay polite, no matter what.

    "I always wave good-bye, even if I didn't get the part."

    11. Even if you're up for the same part, always be nice to your fellow audition-ers.

    12. Get to know your potential future castmates early on; they'll become your family!

    13. Always remember the people who helped you get where you are today.

    14. Remain calm!

    "If I freak out, I might pee, so I try not to freak out."

    15. And if you get too stressed, just take a lil nap wherever you can find a spot. No one will mind.

    16. Make sure your headshots are up-to-date.

    17. Stay cool in front of news crews.

    18. Relax! You're a star!

    Photos by Chelsea Marshall for BuzzFeed.

    For more information on You Can't Take It With You, click here.

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