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    It's About Time You Meet Kama, The Flying Pig

    If you ever said you'd do something "when pigs fly," well I guess you better get to it.

    Meet Kama, primarily known as the Surfing Pig.

    He is fittingly named after the Hawaiian god, Kamapua'a, who takes the form of a pig.

    Kama was just an orphaned piglet when he stumbled across his human Kai and his family at an Oahu, HI beach.

    Kama has pretty much mastered the art of riding waves...

    ...even when he wipes out, he gets back up and tries again.

    I had the chance to meet up with Kama on the day of his newest challenge: flying.

    First, he had to get some good luck kisses from his best friend Nu'u.

    Then we were off to sea.

    Kama had to check out the safety precautions and found them satisfactory.

    He tried on a life vest for size but ultimately decided it would inhibit his ability to swim and may be more dangerous.

    Kama is an exceptional swimmer, by the way.

    I cannot emphasize enough what a gentleman Kama was during this whole experience. He even let me take a selfie with him!

    It was getting to be that time: Kama began to put on his harnesses.

    The guys at Paradise Watersports were extremely concerned with his safety. Kama actually had 3 harnesses on: two built for 5-year-olds, linked in with his everyday harness.

    Next, it was meditation time. Concentration is the key to Kama's success.

    "Let's do this."

    He got into his human's lap for extra safety and he was ready to go.

    He gave me one last wink and nod...



    Kama was super chill because whatever, he can handle waves, he can handle anything.

    Yes, that is a super chill pig in the air.

    Super chill.

    Pretty sure he discovered the meaning of life up there but when I asked, he told me part of it was figuring it out for yourself. UGH.

    He did give me one hint: "Be super chill and live in the moment."

    "I'm a flying pig. What now, bitches?"

    You could tell Kama felt super safe in his loving dad's arms.

    Super safe and super happy.

    When he landed, he was all, "I got this. Let's go again?"


    Seriously though, he was very serene up there and then when he got back down he wanted to put his harness back on and go up again. We were all shocked except for his human, Kai, who knows Kama's adventurous side very well.

    Everyone was SO proud of him...

    ...including Nu'u, of course...

    ...but Kama was the most proud; he could barely keep his little tongue in!

    He even gave me a victory kiss and I'm still blushing, to be honest.

    Then he slept it off as all champions do.

    So next time someone says something will only happen "when pigs fly"...

    ...just remember: ONE ALREADY FLEW!!

    All photos by Chelsea Marshall for Buzzfeed

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