It's About Time You Meet Kama, The Flying Pig

If you ever said you'd do something "when pigs fly," well I guess you better get to it.

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Kama has pretty much mastered the art of riding waves...

...even when he wipes out, he gets back up and tries again.

He has only one deterrent: cold water (cold by Hawaii standards, that is).

It was getting to be that time: Kama began to put on his harnesses.

The guys at Paradise Watersports were extremely concerned with his safety. Kama actually had 3 harnesses on: two built for 5-year-olds, linked in with his everyday harness.


Seriously though, he was very serene up there and then when he got back down he wanted to put his harness back on and go up again. We were all shocked except for his human, Kai, who knows Kama's adventurous side very well.

All photos by Chelsea Marshall for Buzzfeed