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    The 26 Most Awkward Animals On The Internet

    If you suffer from awkwardness, prepare to feel a little better about yourself.

    1. This dog on his first day of school.

    2. This penguin who tried to show initiative.

    3. This dog who just heard you ate the last treat and is trying to mask his anger by smiling.

    4. This third wheel.

    5. This dog who is never listening to Pete again.

    6. These friends who did not sign up to play Twister, but here they are.

    7. This dog who just got his braces off and forgot how to smile.

    8. This dog who's been outdone by this baby.

    9. This cat who realized his mistake and doesn't know how to properly handle it.

    10. This cat whose inner mantra ATM is "Be cool, be cool."

    11. These yorkis whose parents made them have a joint Bar Mitzvah during Hanukkah, just compounding the awkwardness of being 13.

    12. This penguin who thought he was stepping on a rock.

    13. This lonely giraffe.

    14. This dog who realizes his mistake but is too proud to fix it.

    15. This turtle who can't stop, won't stop.

    16. This dog who's just sleepy and wants to go to bed.

    17. This awkward couple's therapy session.

    18. This giraffe learning how to walk.

    19. This dog who tried to cut off his friend and failed miserably.

    20. This guy who figured if a cow could jump over the moon, he could jump over a damn fence.

    21. This dog who thinks it's your problem if you feel awkward about this.

    22. This dog who's too scared to check if he peed or just stepped in water.

    23. This bird who knows when he's not wanted but his ride won't arrive for another five minutes so he just has to sit here and wait.

    24. This horse trying to floss.

    25. This cat who does not realize he's not as cute as this baby.

    26. Finally, this dog who knows he's awkward but TREAT!