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26 Adorable Photos of Instagram's Cutest Best Friends


1. This is Oliver the dog and Arashi the cat...

2. They are very best friends who KNOW how to have a good time.

3. They're especially good at balancing things on their noses...

4. ...and they make it look freakin' adorable.

5. Never in the history of the world have chestnuts look so damn cute.

6. They also excel at takin' naps...

7. ...wearing hats...

8. ...sitting in buckets...

9. ...keepin' watch...

10. ...and switchin' up nappin' sides to nap again.

11. (they cannot emphasize enough the importance of nappin' with a friend.)

12. They look BEAUTIFUL in flowers.

13. (Seriously, look at them)

14. And cheering for their favorite soccer team.

15. Sometimes they get woken up from a nap and get startled.

16. They prove bath time isn't nearly as horrible when you have a friend by your side.

17. It's ESPECIALLY important when you a bad haircut strikes.

18. Their winter game is on point.

19. And they bring this skill to the outdoors.

20. Oliver will never leave Arashi behind and makes sure she will always travel in style...

21. ...whether it's by backpack...

22. ...a bucket...

23. ...or a fashionable purse!

24. Basically, they are the cutest EVER.

25. And we'd all be lucky to have a friendship like this.

26. Never change you two.