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    21 Dog Reactions For Every 420 Situation

    Like when you have to go to the store for snacks and try to act normal.

    1. When you go into a store for snacks and are trying to act completely normal:

    2. When you're minding your own business and your friend is like "your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed".

    "Literally what."

    3. When your mom picks you up from your friend's house and you're trying to act normal:

    "Beautiful day, huh? Heh heh heh."

    4. When you stop and appreciate just how beautiful the world is:

    5. When you're mid-chew and your crush walks on so you gotta act cool:

    6. When your friend comes in the door and you both recognize what's going on:

    7. When you turn on that movie and get relaxed af:

    8. When you're really proud of yourself for having a healthy snack post Cheetos:

    9. When you finally get the joke that was told 10 minutes ago:

    10. When you're seeing pumpkins but it's April:

    11. When you just freaked out because you forgot where you were going and your friend reminds you you're just going to Dairy Queen:

    12. When you're asleep and someone starts making popcorn:

    13. When you're done but someone offers you another hit:

    14. When you're watching your show and someone won't stop talking to you:

    15. When you find your bucket and it's a really good bucket:

    16. When someone offers you ice cream but you're too tired to do anything about it:

    17. When you forget what you're doing and become one with your snacks:

    18. When you just laid down the most earth shattering wisdom:

    19. When you were laughing so hard you forgot why you were laughing but it doesn't even matter:

    20. When you're trying to act like you didn't fall asleep in the movie:

    21. When you convinced your friend they needed to go grocery shopping but you just want to pick up some snack packs:

    "Heh heh heh"

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