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    This Dog's Dramatic Transformation After Being Rescued Will Make You Cry

    Sometimes all a dog needs is a hamburger, a nice bath, and some extra love.

    After receiving a call about a senior dog living in a water treatment facility, Hope for Paws went to find him.

    Although he was nervous at first, they soon gained his trust with some hamburgers...

    ...and eventually, some pats on the head.

    Once they got him in the car, he seemed to be warming up to the humans.

    They named him Mufasa and gave him a bath to help his skin problems and smell.

    Mufasa was treated for parasites and an ear infection in addition to being microchipped, neutered, and vaccinated.

    He clearly felt a lot better!

    Currently, Mufasa is being fostered with Lionel's Legacy, a rescue group that focuses on senior dogs.

    He's clearly one happy pup but still needs a home.

    To find out more about adopting Mufasa or another senior dog, visit Lionel's Legacy.

    You can watch Mufasa's whole transformation here:

    View this video on YouTube

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