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22 Adorable Things To Sooth Your Nerves After The Debate

Not everything is so stressful.

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1. Alright, so the debates were a ~bit much~ last night. Maybe it's time to decompress and look at this smush smiling at you.

2. Or this guy who understood how you felt during the debate.

3. Just look at this little shibe so excited for the election to be over.

4. And this roly-poly who just loves to get comfy.

5. These fluffies who only want to hear about your day, not the debate.

6. This silly guy who just wants to make you laugh.

7. This fox who loves scratches.

8. These hamsters who want to go-go-go to Funtown USA.

9. This little guy who loves to dance.

10. This troublemaker acting all sly.

11. This gal who wants you to remember that when in doubt, always recharge.

12. This healthy chomper who believes getting some greens can turn your whole day around.

13. This pup who knows that sometimes you gotta boop yourself.

14. These goofs just here to have a good time.

15. This stretchy cat who has not a care in the world.

16. These two best friends who show anyone can get along.

17. This sophisticated goat who would LOVE to read you a bedtime story.

18. This cat who knows the importance of a little R+R.

19. This gentleman, all dressed up to calm you down.

20. This shiba who is honestly the only newscaster who matters.

21. This little guy who loves a good breeze.

22. And finally this smushy smush trying to remind you to laugh a little. November 8th will come soon enough.

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