22 Signs Your Dog's An Introvert

    Dogs get a rep for being extroverts but, like people, some have a taste for the quieter side of life.

    1. He likes his friends just fine but after a few hours, he needs alone time.

    2. And if she doesn't get this quality time with herself, she gets irritable.

    3. When you have friends over, this is usually what he does.

    4. You might mistake this look for feeling left out but really, he just doesn't want to participate.

    5. You often find him standing by the window, contemplating life.

    6. Or hey, nothing at all. There's nothing wrong with alone time.

    7. She's not mean to people who seek her attention, but she would prefer they would let her be sometimes.

    8. Working from home is his favorite part of working.

    9. At a party, you can usually find him giving you this look, begging to leave...

    10. ...Or just in the bathroom, hiding until the social process is over.

    11. After a social engagement, big or small, she usually does this:

    12. He often wears headphones with no music playing, in the hopes no one will try and talk to him.

    13. When someone cancels plans with her, she can' t help but be like:

    14. Because this is his ideal weekend:

    15. Also this:

    16. He likes playing fetch with you but sometimes is even more content playing by himself.

    17. When you want to introduce him to new people, he's all: "Nah, one friend is enough"

    18. And quiet cuddle time one-on-one with his best friend is always welcome.

    19. He may be quiet but it makes him a great listener.

    20. So don't worry if you find your pal is not as out-going as most...

    21. 'Cause introverted does not mean unhappy...

    22. ...and can actually make for a wonderful friend.