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    Sid The Beagle Is Running For Austin Mayor And He Means Business

    Nothing like Beagle Business.

    You probably know Sid as the Beagle who triumphantly, nay, BRAVELY, held this slice of pizza between his teeth.

    Well, Sid has bigger aspirations than holding a slice of pizza: he wants to hold office.

    That's right: Sid the Beagle is running for mayor of Austin, Texas.

    Honestly, he's pretty qualified. He can rock a mean Parliamentary wig:

    He's loving...

    ...and VERY handsome.

    Sid's main platform: to keep Austin a no-kill shelter city.

    He's a man of the people! Even the current human Austin mayor adores him!

    We may even be able to go as far as to say SID FOR PREZ 2020!

    Good luck, Sid! We can't wait to see where politics takes you!