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11 Shibas Who Keep Getting Stuck In Things

Why does this keep happening to you, Shibes?

1. This Shiba who got caught on his way to work.

2. And this Shiba who thought he could get through this fence.

But hey, he's not complaining.

3. This Shiba who managed to get on a rock but there's no way in hell he's getting in the water. So he'll just live here. This is his life now.

4. This Shiba who wanted to say hey, hi, what's up? Hello.

5. And this Shiba cousin who got stuck trying to tell these kids the truth about Santa.

6. This Shiba who just loves books, OK? Lay off her!

7. And this lady who's not quite sure how she ended up here.

8. This Shiba who won't admit it but she's caught between the bush and fence and doesn't know what to do about it.

9. This Shiba who forgot her head was significantly smaller than her body.

10. This Shiba who has limited himself to the life of a watchdog.

11. And finally, this Shiba who got a little too real with his struggle.