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    19 Photos That Prove Humans Are Screwed

    It's just a matter of time.

    1. It's time we face the facts: animals will take over the world. SOON.

    2. After all, they have ceased to need us for playtime...

    3. ...and they have been suspiciously cagey with these developments.

    4. They can even get themselves to the park. THE PARK!

    KOMO 4 News / Via

    5. Increasingly, their displays of needing no man have become more flagrant.

    6. They're already professionals at pretending not to care.

    7. Like, humans don't have this strength.

    8. They battle against our best defenses with little to no remorse.

    9. They are practicing for something...we don't know what, but they are practicing.

    10. If we look back, it all makes sense. They've been controlling us for quite sometime.

    11. They can do their own gardening.

    12. They have perfected the illusive "Kylie Jenner" lip.

    13. They can drive themselves to work.

    14. We already pick up their poop...

    15. ...and now they are using our robots against us?!?

    16. They have gathered intel: they have seen us at our most vulnerable...

    17. ...and seem to relish our disasters.

    18. Perhaps most concerning, they are conspiring together.

    19. Consider yourself warned.

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