27 Reasons Your Cat Makes The Best Valentine

Happy Meowlentines Day, everyone!

1. They can be quite the romantic.

Chelsea Marshall

2. And if you’re feeling down about being single this year, they’ll work to cheer you up.


(even though you shouldn’t feel bad about it!)

3. They make great dinner dates…

4. …and will attentively listen to you.

5. Even if you’re running a little late with dinner, they won’t hold it against you.

6. You’ll never have to wait for them to text you back ‘cause they’re always around.

7. You know where you stand with a cat…

Sure, they can be jerks, but they are way more honest than a lot of human jerks, and that’s something.

8. …so you know when they love-boop you, they mean it.

9. They’ll really appreciate the flowers you display, and they’ll look great posing next to them.

10. Basically, they’re just all-around appreciative valentines.

11. They will put you in check if you start getting mopey.

12. They also know when you need a little extra TLC even when you won’t admit it.

13. They aren’t shy about asking for what they want.

14. They understand the unparalleled luxury of a bath.

15. You don’t have to clean up for them.

In fact, they probably prefer your mess.

16. They will get equally outraged as you about the state of being single nowadays.

17. Even if they don’t want to play your games, they might…

18. …after all, their sass is part of their appeal!

Mary Dauterman

19. Who needs a sexy massage when you have a pal like this who won’t care if you fall asleep during/after?


20. They will make you step away from any unhealthy Facebook stalking binges that might take place…

21. …but are completely down with any and all Netflix-related binging.

22. On good days, they’re up for whatever…

23. …especially if that “whatever” is nothing at all.

24. They are basically professional cuddlers.

Mary Dauterman

25. And your connection is beyond the limitations of words.

26. You’ll never regret waking up next to them…

27. …because they’re your best friend, and what more would you want in a valentine?

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