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12 Reasons Why Sloth Shouldn't Be A Deadly Sin

It's time we stand up for sloths everywhere!

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It's downright unfair for Sloth to be a deadly sin when living like them scientifically leads to longer, healthier lives*.

*not proven but probably still true.

Here at BuzzFeed, we're protesting this centuries old slander!

We're petitioning to get sloths OFF the deadly sin list.

Chelsea Marshall

These are just some of the reasons Sloth needs to be placed in the "virtue" category immediately:

1. Sloths love and respect family above all else.

When was the last time you got in a car or bucket with your family and didn't want to kill everyone, hmm?

2. They always speak their mind in a thoughtful and deliberate manner.

Ever hear a sloth just talk for the sake of talking? Nope.

3. They are great friends who will learn new dance moves just to make you smile, even if it makes them look like a fool.

4. They believe in maintaining a healthy diet:

5. They are loyal to old friends, through and through:

6. They are loving, supportive partners when they choose to pair up.

7. They are GREAT at keeping secrets.

Like that time you pooped in the back of he church van, Cheryl.

8. They take their time on the journey, not consuming themselves with the thought of the destination.

9. They take a moment and ponder life's meaning every day.

10. And also take time to pamper themselves.

You can't devote yourself to others if you don't have a positive relationship with yourself first!

11. They are generous and kind.

This was this sloth's FAVORITE flower. Like, absolute most precious possession she had. But when she saw her friend was sad, she gave it up just to see him smile.

12. Finally, they're cute as can be!


Chelsea Marshall

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