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    Updated on Aug 23, 2020. Posted on Sep 19, 2013

    34 Reasons To Fall In Love With Maisie, The Inspirational Lamb

    Careful: heart palpitations, gasps of "aww," and general melting ahead. All thanks to the blog Punkin's Patch, which gives a beautiful insight into the world of sheep, particularly one little triumphant lamby.

    1. This is Maisie and as you can see, she is the most charming little lamby.

    2. She appreciates the softer things in life.

    3. Like paths to run to her Mama on...

    4. ...and grazing with friends.

    5. Oh, and she's very good at hide-and-seek.

    6. Making sheep friends was hard for Maisie at first but once they got to know her, they couldn't help but be charmed.

    7. She goes impeccably with snow flurries to help out on those crisp winter days.

    8. She's a goof who can make any laundry basket her own.

    9. When Maisie was just a wee one, she needed casts to help her legs grow properly.

    10. While she didn't love it, she made the most of her casts and pranced around in her new coat!

    11. Casts off, she still looks fab in polka dots.

    12. Let's be real, girl knows how to pose in a fleece.

    13. ...and is adorable when she stretches. Seriously? Check your heart, it may have just exploded.

    14. She also looks fantastic in green.

    15. We can all learn a thing or two about that sass.

    16. She's downright inspirational in her winter coat.

    17. She even pulls some Clark Kent action with this style.

    18. One second she's a normal lamb...

    19. ...the next she's Super Maisie!

    20. Oh, and have you seen her duckface?

    21. At this point, it's time to state the obvious: Maisie is adorable.

    22. And absolutely suited for the fall season.

    23. She's clearly a monster....

    24. ...a cuddle monster!

    25. This is her now with her best friend and general sheep protector, Hank.

    26. Speaking of best friends, she's great at the game Telephone.

    27. Even in her "teen" years*, she never paused for an awkward moment.

    *She is actually still less than a year old, but in sheep years...

    28. No one looked this good in those years.

    29. Look how far she's come!

    30. Even as she grows up, she remains curious.

    Here she is learning how spinning works.

    31. When she found out how wool was made she was happy to be sheared.

    In exchange for one belly rub.

    32. She has a healthy appetite.

    33. Last but certainly not least, let's take a pause to appreciate that radiant smile...

    34. radiant, that it deserves just one more picture!

    Apologies to everyone whose hearts exploded. The only medicine for Maisie cute overload is weirdly...MORE MAISIE.

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