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17 Pugs Feeling SO Left Out

We are all these pugs.

1. This pug who got this cupcake to share but his brothers ate it without him.

2. This pug who expected a surprise party, only to find out his friends are at another pug's party.

3. This pug who can't play with anyone today because of one teeny tiny mistake.

4. This pug who can't go to the coolest party tonight because he has to clean up his mess.

5. This pug who just got dumped and refuses to show her face.

6. This pug whose mom gave him a toy to make up for not having any friends. But he knows. He knows.

7. This pug who overslept and her friends left for the party without her.

8. This pug who thinks that it's fine, really, that you went and got pizza without her. She just really wishes that maybe you could've at least brought her something back.

9. This third wheel.

10. This pug who hid in the trash because no one at the party was talking to him.

11. This pug who wants to get invited camping, just once.

12. This pug who has just resigned to never understanding your inside jokes.

13. This pug who was so left out that he evoked sympathy from this cat. But the heartbreak cannot just go away like that.

14. This pug whose friends promised to meet him at this cool new place, only to realize that the place is closed and they were just tricking him.

15. This pug who got picked last for baseball.

16. This pug who hopes that if you see him waiting when you come home, maybe you'll invite him out sometimes.

17. This pug who no one will play with because the Shiba told everyone he farted.



This pug wasn't invited to any parties but laughs at your loss. 'Cause screw it. He's fabulous.