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Stray Pit Bull Nursed A Newborn Kitten Until Help Arrived

"They found each other at the right time." H/T The Dodo.

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Last Tuesday, a Texan animal rescue group found a pit bull and an orphaned kitten on a roadside.

The pit bull, currently referred to as “Pittie," had been keeping the newborn kitten alive with her own milk.

They were taken to the Mercy Animal Clinic in Dallas where they are currently being cared for.

While both Pittie and Kitty were in reasonably good health considering, Pittie’s milk was drying up and they took the kitten to bottle-feed her.

To follow up with their story, you can visit the clinic's page here.

If you're interested in adopting, whether you live in Texas or not, you can always check out your local humane society or shelter.