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    21 Times Pit Bulls Were Good People

    Humans could learn a thing or two from these guys.

    1. Buzz, the seeing eye dog, who guides his best friend through a life of adventures.

    2. This gem who brings together unlikely friends.

    3. And this one who is defying all odds and raising these chicks with this cat.

    4. The pit bull at the bottom of the stairs, not judging his friend for laziness.

    5. This pittie who took a bullet to save his human and survived to tell the tale.

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    6. This sweetheart who started his very own bake sale.

    7. This guy who would never stand his date up, rain or shine.

    8. This diplomat who will always smile through negotiations to improve cat-dog relations.

    9. This wingman who pretended to be this girl's BF.

    10. This exemplary citizen.

    11. This guy who knows the importance of an end-of-the-day spoon session.

    12. And Chaco, who took 12 stab wounds while protecting his human.

    13. This mama promising her lil' babe her whole heart for the rest of time.

    14. This fan who wanted to remind the players that it's just a game.

    15. And this patient dude who remained calm and respectful to the call-center employee, despite being put on hold for 10 minutes.

    16. This pup who had things to do but happily obliged this baby's request to cuddle.

    17. This champ who stayed up late with his human to help study for exams.

    18. This lil' kid who knows just how to cheer up his Mama after a long day of work.

    19. This pit bull who doesn't care about being "embarrassed," he's going to dress up for his girl's tea anytime she asks.

    20. Lilly, who sacrificed her leg to save her human from being hit by a train.

    21. And this pit bull who knows that sometimes, everyone just needs a good, ol' fashioned bear hug.