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    24 Photos That Prove There Is No Truer Friend Than A Dog

    <3 Dogs are just the best <3

    1. When these two were there for each other before the dreaded vet.

    2. When this guy leaned in real close to make sure his new pal didn't need anything.

    3. When this pup helped with all the boring paperwork of the day.

    4. When this gentleman knew exactly what his bestie needed.

    5. When this dog gave his human the welcome home they both deserved.

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    6. When this trio was ready for any and all adventures.

    7. When this dog patiently helped his kid with his homework.

    8. When this dog dutifully waited for his friend to ~do his thing~.

    9. When this gal saved the world with her tiny human.

    10. When this dude knew just the way to cheer his human up.

    11. And when this pup gave his baby the encouragement she needed.

    12. When this gal tucked her little nugget in.

    13. When this pup was ready for all adventures she had in mind, even if he was a bit skeptical.

    14. When this dog always knew the right time for a little kiss.

    15. When this pup was always down for a cuddle.

    16. And when this one made sure his human had an ironed shirt for his job interview.

    17. When this dog helped try out new paint colors.

    18. And when this one helped her human get ready for his date.

    19. When this pup dutifully surrounded a frightful enemy.

    20. When this dog helped his best friend make it to the championships.

    21. When this dog memorized elaborate choreography for his best friend's wedding.

    22. When these two literally had each other's back.

    23. When this pup showed his love in all situations.

    24. And when this puppy saved his best friend, no matter what.