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19 Photos That Prove Love Knows No Bounds

Sometimes it takes animals to remind us how to be human.

1. The Cat and Her Chicks

REUTERS/Ali Jarekji

2. The Dalmatian and her Lamb.

Media Mode Pty Ltd / Rex / Rex USA

3. The Greyhound and Her Fawn

Geoff Grewcock

4. The Greyhound and Her Fox Kit

Geoff Grewcock

5. The Hen and Her Ducklings

Bournemouth News / Rex Features

6. The Cat and Her Ducklings

Masatoshi Okauchi / Rex USA


Masatoshi Okauchi / Rex USA

8. The Goat and Her Wolf

Quirky China / Rex Features Ltd.

9. The Lioness and Her Antelope

Adri De Visser/Caters News

10. The Dog and Her Guinea Pig

Elaine Hu


Elaine Hu

12. The Mama Pig and Her Kitten

John Drysdale


John Drysdale

14. The Baboon and Her Galago

REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

15. The Cat and Her Cub

16. The Pointer and Her Puma Cub

John Drysdale

17. The Great Dane and His Baby Chimp

Mike Hollist/Associated Newspapers / Rex / Rex USA

18. The Cat and Her Rottweiler Pups

Jerry Daws / Rex USA

19. Let's get one last snuggle-filled "awww"!!

Jerry Daws / Rex USA

All photos can be seen in Lisa Rogak's book One Big Happy Family.

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