Moo The Cat Is Ready For Her Close-Up

Everything you see, she owes to spaghetti.

1. This is Moo and she is one voluptuous beauty.

2. As you can see, she really knows how to work a camera.

3. Oh, the looking-into-the-distance pose? She’s got that.

4. Looking into the OTHER distance with some soft lighting? Yep, she’s got that too.

5. She looks great in floral backdrops as she contemplates.

6. Fierce as hell, she sent in her headshots for NYFW.

7. This one opened up her portfolio so she’s still unsure why she hasn’t been called back.

8. She has the quality desired by many models: the ability to blend in…

9. …and the power to stand out.

10. Let’s stop for a second and admire those gams.

11. Sometimes she has to hide her assets so she can show off her other features. In this case, her eyes.

12. She’s responsible for bringing pinks, corals, and — we’ll say it — sexy back year after year.

13. Karl, she’s still awaiting your phone call.

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