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    33 Moments In A Day In The Life Of A Hawaiian Surfing Pig

    I actually didn't think so much adorable and so much talent could fit into one furry creature.

    1. Kama the surfing and flying pig wakes up every morning next to these beauties.

    That's Kama next to his new gals, Pele, Hi'iaka, and Hina. Similar to Kama, they were found abandoned, and the lovely human Kai took them in!

    2. Next, it's cuddle time with Dad before they head out for their adventures!

    3. Adventure time means riding around with the coolest siblings imaginable.

    4. First on the agenda: flying.

    This was Kama's first time ever flying, but he didn't seem nervous at all.

    5. And he did it shockingly well.

    6. Next: thinking about life's secrets from up above.

    Kama actually loved this experience so much, he tried to get back in his harnesses when we took them off the first time. He went up once again with me, where he was completely calm (and believe me: he is not afraid of saying what he thinks when he doesn't like something, like less-than-warm ocean water!).

    7. Once up in the sky, Kama contemplated how he could use his new skill for good.

    He decided he would team up with Paradise Watersports, the company that took him on this adventure, a few times a year and raise money for various charities.

    8. Even though Kama is now the first ever FLYING pig, he remembers his family: Kisses from his little brother, Nu'u are extra necessary.

    9. Now it's off to lunch in a real-life magic school bus.

    10. No, seriously, this was the most magical journey of all time. These are definitely Ms. Frizzle's students.

    11. Lunchtime was met with extreme fanfare. Kama could barely eat his apple in peace!

    12. Dogs were amazed...

    13. ...people wept...

    14. ...but, like a seasoned pro, he remained mega chill the entire time.

    15. Except when he threw *extreme* shade at those ordering hot dogs.

    16. After lunch, it was time for a ride in the magic school bus once again. This time, he was serenaded by the musical stylings of ukuleleist.

    17. This, of course, lulled both Kama and Nu'u to sleep.

    18. It was a good thing he got his rest: Checking up on his ranch is hard work.

    19. Kama is a very good boss and likes to see that everyone is happy.

    20. Every day, Kama gives the horses some words of wisdom. Today's was: "Be still as the mountain," because the horse said he was anxious about taking a test.

    21. Then he tended to his canoe.

    This is actually a canoe that is being built specifically for Kama and his adventures.

    22. After he smiled at his land and all of his friends, Kama was getting ready to SURF.

    23. Which, though he tried to hide it, involved a little snooze.

    24. Once we got to the beach, he was once again met with an adoring public.

    25. His first surfing step: checking the water for temperature.

    26. Totally normal surfing pig here.

    Hawaii News Now / Via

    27. Kama is a fantastic swimmer, but he rarely has to use those skills since he stays on the board so well!

    Hawaii News Now / Via

    28. Seriously, his balance is impeccable, his technique: ***flawless.

    29. Back on the beach, he plays with his little brother and it's literally the most adorable thing ever.


    31. Anyone who has met the duo agree: They are easily the interspecies power couple of the century.

    32. One last hug before going back home...

    33. ...until he does it all again the next day!

    All photos by Chelsea Marshall for BuzzFeed unless otherwise specified.

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