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33 Moments In A Day In The Life Of A Hawaiian Surfing Pig

I actually didn't think so much adorable and so much talent could fit into one furry creature.

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2. Next, it's cuddle time with Dad before they head out for their adventures!

6. Next: thinking about life's secrets from up above.

Kama actually loved this experience so much, he tried to get back in his harnesses when we took them off the first time. He went up once again with me, where he was completely calm (and believe me: he is not afraid of saying what he thinks when he doesn't like something, like less-than-warm ocean water!).

7. Once up in the sky, Kama contemplated how he could use his new skill for good.

He decided he would team up with Paradise Watersports, the company that took him on this adventure, a few times a year and raise money for various charities.


10. No, seriously, this was the most magical journey of all time. These are definitely Ms. Frizzle's students.

25. His first surfing step: checking the water for temperature.

28. Seriously, his balance is impeccable, his technique: ***flawless.

32. One last hug before going back home...

All photos by Chelsea Marshall for BuzzFeed unless otherwise specified.

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