Meet Mowgli, The Fiercest Basset On Instagram

Who says long legs are needed to be a top model?

1. This is Mowgli, the basset who can “smize” with the best of them.

2. He’s such an amazing model, he can even pull off these ear socks.

3. AND he looks good with pretty much all the colors.

8. Even orange. No one can pull off orange the way Mowgli does.

9. Contrast is one of his favorite looks.

10. Doors? Yeah, he can pose in front of them.

11. Trees? He’s got it.

12. He’s actually an artist in his own right. He calls this one “Modern Snoopy”.

13. He stays calm, even when his job get dangerous.

14. He’s not into puns but he’ll be a Basket Hound for a shoot.

15. He can keep a straight face, even in the silliest of circumstances.

16. Jungle scenes? Oh, he has no problem with that.

17. It is said that it takes one picture of Mowgli in front of a house to sell it.

18. Legend has it, this house was sold when the camera was being taken OUT OF THE BAG. Just knowing Mowgli was going to pose in front, sealed the deal.

19. So if you need a dog to model your table..

20. …or even your street corner…

21. Mowgli’s just the model genius to get the job done.

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