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    26 Kids Who Look Like Their Doggy BFFs

    Imitation is the sincerest form of kid-to-dog flattery.

    1. These two who know how to goof for the camera.

    2. These two giggling stargazers.

    3. These two who know the value of a good sun spot.

    4. All these princesses.

    5. These sleeping beauties.

    6. These two who know the value of putting two paws forward.

    7. These howlers.

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    8. These smiling goobers.

    9. This excited duo.

    10. This laser-inclined trio.

    Okay, so sometimes a cat is in sync as well.

    11. These two trying to put on their best "mean mug" face but they can't help but be cute.

    12. These side-eye twins.

    13. These card sharks.

    14. This belly-proud pair.

    15. These coy gentleman.

    16. The sleepy adventurers.

    17. The majestic posers.

    18. This trio who like to show their support in mimicry.

    19. These sneaky companions.

    20. These drowsy cuties.

    21. The masters of the "I just pooped" face.

    22. This laughing team.

    23. These cliquey cohorts.

    24. These two who know the secret to any good meeting is excellent posture.

    25. These three who know the family who snoozes together, stays together.

    26. Finally, these two who pretty much sum up how it feels to have a dog best friend.

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