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    It's Time For You To Meet Pugsly, The Kitten Who Regrets Everything

    Pugsly is a cutie who just moved from Florida to NYC. She regrets everything except taking over your Instagram and heart.

    "I have a feeling I've made a huge mistake."

    "I immediately regret moving to NYC during the winter."

    "Christmas is literally terrifying."

    "All snow isn't yellow like the one I ate outside?"

    "I have an enormous selection of books, what do you mean I don't know how to read??"

    "If my humans put this dumb hat on me...who can I trust anymore?"

    "I don't know how I ended up here."

    "I immediately regret noticing who's controlling this toy."

    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS ISN'T A SPACESHIP?? Why did I even move in with you people?"

    "I hid the catnip so well, I have no idea where it is."

    "I just found out I'm terrified of heights."

    "I think I just ruined my credit."

    "We're going to the vet?? I've been foiled again."

    "I just remembered I'm allergic to all plants."

    "I could've been a contender."

    "This is my private time, I should've locked the door."

    "They keep taking my treasures out of my sandbox, I should never have moved in with thieves."

    "I'm starting to realize all of my bad decisions have led up to this point."

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