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I Tried Four Hacks To Make High Heels Suck Less And Here's What Actually Works

Because why must something so pretty be so damn uncomfortable?

Hello, I am Chelsea, and I love how heels look but hate wearing them.

My main problem is that because I never wear them (except on special occasions), ALL heels look super high, and I end up buying at least 5-inch heels.

Listen, I know the logic isn't sound — but there's part of me that just likes going all-out if I'm going to commit to something.

AND there must be a way to make heels more bearable, right? Well, I've read a ton of hacks, and I decided to put the top ones to the ultimate test. Here is my journey.

Here are my go-to dressin' up heels that I will be using for this ~experiment~.

No hack, as my "control."

Total flights of stairs climbed: 8

Time standing: 2 hours

Total time wearing the shoes: 4 hours

Overall thoughts: I lasted longer than I thought but I wouldn't call it pleasant. My feet hurt and I was really thankful to put on flats, as per usual.

1. Hack: These weird toe dividers.

2. Hack: Scotch tape.

Total flights of stairs climbed: 12

Time standing: ~3 hours

Total time wearing the shoes: 7 HOURS!! WHAT.

Overall thoughts: Part of me was questioning if I was just being stubborn and wanted to beat my no-hack day. And maybe that was part of it, but genuinely, my feet didn't hurt. IF I HAD TO, I could've kept them on another hour — but I would've complained the whole time, and no one wants that.

3. Hack: Cotton balls.

Total flights of stairs climbed: 6

Time spent standing: 1 hour

Total time wearing the shoes: 2 hours and 35 minutes

Overall thoughts: These didn't really make the experience of wearing heels any better or any worse. At first, the cotton balls felt nice on the bottom of my feet. However, by hour two, my toes felt numb and too scrunched. It was OK, but you might as well go with nothing, IMO.

4. Hack: Dr. Scholl's DreamWalk Insoles.

Cost: $14.65

Method: Put 'em in your shoes, then step into your shoes.

Total flights of stairs climbed: 12

Time spent standing: 1.5 hours

Total time wearing the shoes: 5 hours and 48 minutes

Overall thoughts: While I did appreciate the cushion this provided, the pads kind of pushed my feet out in a weird way and made my foot do that overflowing loaf thing on one side. I thought maybe this would've worked better had my shoe been bigger, but as it was, I still had a little room in the back, so I don't think it would've actually made a difference. This definitely made the experience of wearing the heels better since it provided some arch support, but it wasn't a lifesaving experience.


Now go forth and gracefully wear those heels!