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38 Times Golden Retrievers Were The Absolute Best

Prepare yourself for the fluffiest, most adorable history lesson of your life.

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1. This very serious professional:

2. These adorable brothers, pioneering the trendy laundry basket sleep:

3. The first golden to win "Mother of the Year":

4. The first golden retriever divorce mediator.

5. Whatever Golden hooked up with a dachshund to make this:

6. The most adorable dishwasher helper:

7. The first golden retriever to ever partake in the dope:

8. This brave pup who kept her optimism in the face of extreme cat pessimism:

9. The first golden who got braces and took an EPIC after pic:

10. The greatest surprise of all time:

11. This pup valiantly protesting his time out with some wonderous side-eye:

12. Thes two who got caught red pawed and handled the situation very differently:

"I'm not here."

13. This pup who heroically made friends with this kitten in 1992:

14. The most EPIC birthday surprise:

15. This lethal puppy pile:

16. The ultimate best friend who will lick any crying face until she unlocks a smile:

17. When the 5th Beatle got left behind:

18. When these puppies surprised their crush with the most incredible hug of all time:


19. This little guy who fell asleep first at the sleepover:

20. The most noble, patient and all-around virtuous puppy the world has ever seen:

21. The first golden to explore the (pool) blue:

22. And the two brothers who face their fears together:

Seriously: they only retrieve toys out the pool with their best pal by their side.<3

Seriously: they only retrieve toys out the pool with their best pal by their side.<3

23. The first mystery of the golden community:

24. The most profound motivational speaker/life coach of the early 2000's:

25. This adorable fox and hound:

26. The dog who stopped World War III with a simple pat on the head:

27. This furry guy bravely waiting for presents all night long:

28. The first golden to ever walk on the moon:

29. This inspiration who went where no other dog had gone before:

30. This deep sea explorer who will go to great lengths to reveal her findings theatrically:

(even if the findings are just plastic toys).

31. Sylvester who bravely stood up against a horrible paper attack:

32. The most adorable cheerio-on-head dancer of 2014:

33. The first ever PSA about underage drinking:

34. The triumphant puppy paddle of 2007:

35. The first golden who discovered the concept of "self" and "reality."

36. When Herman finally bought his own hardware store, paving the way for dog entrepreneurs around the world:

37. This golden who found out the ~true fun~ of a slide after putting his hard work in:

38. And finally, this hero who, no matter how many times he failed...

...kept trying...

...and trying...

...and trying <3.

<3 Goldens Forever <3

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