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    17 Animal Hugs To Get You Through The Day


    1. Check out these two besties enjoying the view.

    2. UGH JUST LOOK AT THIS HUG! Top notch hug over here.

    3. These two sisters having a little snuggle.

    4. These two couch potatoes.

    5. These best friends.

    6. And this little one who just wants a snuggle with his most favorite pal.

    7. This goofball who takes hugs VERY seriously.

    8. This guy who wanted to make sure his human deserved the hug he was about to bestow.

    9. And this sneak attack hugger.

    10. And these two cuddle bums.

    11. And these two shower pals.

    12. Even sea dogs and land dogs get in on the action.

    13. This raccoon who came over to comfort this cat on a bad day.

    14. And this fluffy little snuggle.

    15. And this side hug.

    16. And this cat who agreed to share the dog's bed for once.

    17. And finally, this one who reminds us all that sometimes we all need to hug ourselves.