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The 27 Happiest Sloths In The World

Stopping and smelling the flowers has its benefits!

1. "Meep! Hello!"

2. "I just love the way the sun fills my bucket with warmth and joy!"

3. "A good scratch just puts a smile on my face."

4. "I'm Lunita and I smile because I'm perfect."

Summer Ann Burton

5. "Your face just fills my heart up with little butterflies."

6. "When you're this fuzzy, it would be a crime NOT to be this happy."

7. "We just got engaged!"

8. "When I get down, I just remember I'm fab and I'm happy again!"

9. "I just found out I get an extra 3 day nap and I'm pretty PUMPED."

10. "Noms."

11. "We don't have much but we have each other!"

12. "I'm sexy as hell, who wouldn't be happy?"

13. "My smile is crooked but it's what makes me, ME."

14. "Chompin' is all I need."

15. "When you have a make-out buddy, who cares if you get caught?"

Sara Rubin

16. "I'm sleepily happy, okay??"

Sara Rubin

17. "Started from up there now I'm here. Starting from up there now my whole crew's...wait, where are they?"

Sara Rubin

18. "..."

19. "Being this happy just makes me want to take a little, tiny nap..."

20. "I'm beautiful and happy and I just really love that you're here to see me!"

21. "Tender shoots, tender shoots, tender shoots are for meeee!"

Sara Rubin

22. "I dare YOU to get in a bucket and still be sad!"

23. "Sometimes I just can't believe how beautiful the world is, ya know?"

Sara Rubin


BuzzFeed / Via

25. "All I need in this life of sin is me and my stuffed bear, my stuffed bear."

26. "I wonder what happiness will feel like TOMORROW??"

27. "BYE!"

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