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17 April Fools Who Just Got Owned

These are the fools of april; they are adorable.

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1. This dog who was DUPED:

2. This cat whose humans who totally changed the size of the door:

3. This adorable dummy:

4. This cat who got pranked by her own feet:

5. This guy who fell for the ol' fake dog trick:


6. This fool who is way too superstitious about going up the stairs:

7. This dog who was PROMISED the fish wasn't real:

8. This guy who was told he could walk on water if he just ~believed~:

9. This dog who told his bone would make him fly:

10. This cat who was told some special fish waited for him in the bathroom:

11. This dummy:

12. This dog who just wanted to cat:

13. This cat who quite honestly, got owned;

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14. This cat who has now fallen for this trick 300 times:

15. This dog who was told bees would give him super powers:

16. This pug who was brought down by his own toys:

17. This dog who got had by this monkey:

Finally, this prankster who makes up for the rest of these dummies:

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