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    17 Faces That Will Make You Want To Adopt An Older Dog

    When the humans of Humans of New York adopted their senior dog, Susie, they saw an opportunity to help other senior dogs in need.

    1. This is Susie, the pup who inspired the Facebook page Susie's Senior Dogs.

    Facebook: humansofnewyork

    Senior dogs are usually the last to get adopted but the ones who sometimes need the most love. Some of the dogs below have happy endings and others are awaiting their own!

    2. The page has helped not only to get the word out but also aided in a few adoptions. Princess Ana was just one of the success stories!

    3. As is little miss, Fancy!

    4. And 13-year-old Nina found a home too!

    5. Rugby was rescued at 10-years-old and lives with fellow senior citizen, Mugsy!

    These successful adoptions make a pretty grand case for senior dog adoption. Here are a few who are still awaiting their forever homes:

    6. Scooby of Lexington

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    He's 10-years-old, playful with other dogs and loves walkin'. He's been waiting for his forever home at Lexington Humane Society.

    7. Crystal of Houston, Texas.

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    This champ has been in and out of a few homes due to family changes. According to her Facebook post, "She is wonderful, loving, loyal, smart and funny. She wants a home where she will be the recipient of all the love and attention. After all she has been through, she deserves it."

    8. Sir Charles of Manhattan.

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    Sir Charles was recently given up by a human who didn't have enough time for him. He is playful but can be very mellow. You can email with animal ID# A0991085 for more info on this cutie.

    9. Hearthrob of Manhattan.

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    Hearthrob is just that: a heart throb! According to Kristin at Animal Haven, she "is a very, very sweet girl! She is friendly and kissy with everyone! Her tail wags even at strangers. She will make a best friend to families with or without children. She is very easy going and just loves to be snuggled." Her back legs are a little weak but she still loves limited walks!

    10. Louise of Rockaway, New Jersey

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    This 11-year-old has been at the kennel for nearly 5 years. She has trouble walking due to her arthritis but she loves going on car rides and playing fetch. You can email or calling 973.664.0865.

    11. Jack of Brooklyn, NY

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    Jack is estimated to be around 12-years-old and is reported to be a friendly guy who loves going for walks! To find out more information on Jack, call 212.788.4000 or email ASAP with his animal ID# A0989954.

    12. Mavis of Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    Mavis is a 9-year-old cancer survivor with a heart of gold ready to be part of her forever home! She is currently living at the pound within PetSmart located at 4380 North Miller Road, Scottsdale, AZ. You can call and ask about Mavis at 480.429.4519.

    13. Romo of San Francisco.

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    Romo is 10-years-old but doesn't act a day over 6. He's a typical lab, extremely friendly and loyal. Romo currently lives at Rocket Dog Rescue in the Bay Area. You can email or call 415-756-8188.

    14. Eskie of New York City.

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    Eskie's rescue volunteer Samantha said that "she is very low key, loves affection, very quiet -- never barks. She has some trouble getting around, but she's got a few follow up vet appointments that may help with that. She has some health issues that need to be addressed, but the vet says she's not in bad shape for her age -- they think she's around 13. She is great with other animals but needs to be in a home where she can relax, not with other animals that will want to play rough. She's housebroken as long as she gets outside often enough but can't really do stairs."

    You can contact Social Tees Animal Rescue by emailing or calling 212-614-9653.

    15. Manny of Marlinton West Virginia.

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    Manny is not as senior as some but still has a hard time being adopted since he is an adult. He reportedly loves to snuggle and get in people's laps! You can e-mail

    16. Bruno of Ottawa, Canada.

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    This is what Bruno had to say for himself "I am a really good boy, I have great house manners and other than going for walks or playtime I really prefer to be inside. I am a silly, goofy boy that loves belly rubs and attention, I have a toy alligator and he is my best friend. I would really like a home where I can be your only baby, I don't like other dogs. I have never been around small children and don't really like the commotion that comes with them. The ladies that look after me say that sometimes when I really don't want to do something I can be stubborn, so someone that has experience handling a big dog like me would be ideal. Don't you think I would look great sitting on your couch??!!"

    You can email or calling 613.623.0916 with animal ID# 3709.

    17. Callie, the Valentine of New England.

    Facebook: susiesseniordogs

    Callie is between 8 and 10 years old but she does not lack any pep in her step! You can get more info on her at:

    Visit Susie's Senior Dogs for the info for some of these dogs but they also encourage going to your local shelter and asking for the oldest love bug there!

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