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    Posted on Oct 1, 2015

    22 Dogs Who Just Want To Watch The World Burn

    It's all fun and games until someone poops on your dashboard.

    1. This dog who went a little too far with his comeback.

    2. This dog who has some farts and is not afraid to use them.

    3. These bullies.

    4. This dog who really values kicking people when they're down.

    5. This dog who listened to the cat say "leave me alone" and heard "annoy the cat as much as possible".

    6. This dog who doesn't care if he's your best friend, he will take any opportunity for a good laugh.

    7. This dog who doesn't care about rules, he sees what he wants and he takes it.

    8. This dog who completely lost the trust of his cat.

    9. This dog who refuses to let his human improve herself.

    10. This master of puppy eyes who knows exactly what he's doing.

    11. This stink bomber.

    12. This dog who will not share, at any cost.

    13. And this novice but effective stink bomber.

    14. This emotionally withholding dog.

    15. This dog who does not respect a student's need to nap.

    16. This dog implementing the "life isn't fair" lesson a little early.

    17. This dog who doesn't care if this has been a difficult year for Kelley. She can suck it.

    18. This dog who really wanted to drive home the notion that the world can eff anyone over from time to time.

    19. This dog who embarrassed Doug in front of all of his co-workers.

    20. This dog who took his protest against going to the vet a little too far.

    21. This evil maniac who doesn't care if you spent a full week on that term paper.

    22. And finally, whatever monster disrespected the sanctity of the after-work glass of wine.

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