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    23 Dogs Who Don't Even Know Who They Are Anymore

    There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to stop and ask themselves: where did it all go wrong??

    1. "Is this a weird looking human baby or have I been the weird looking one this whole time??"

    2. "When did I become the one who knocks??"

    3. "I told myself I would never sign up for a dating site we are."

    4. "I have no idea why I'm on this train or how I got here."

    5. "When did I start stealing from strangers?"

    6. "I'm so ashamed."

    7. "I used to never put up with this crap. Where did my backbone go?"

    8. "What do you mean it's a conflict of interest for me to be a bird watching guide? This is all I know."

    9. "We've hit rock bottom, yes."

    10. "I let the pug life get the best of me and now I feel empty and scared."

    11. "I feel like an asshole at this point in my life."

    12. "I used to take care of myself. Oh, how far I've fallen."

    13. "I box because I thought that's what I was supposed to do but what if I'm not a fighter at all? What if I'm a painter?"

    14. "TBH, I have no idea how I got here."

    15. "Trying to remember a time when I respected myself but I...I got nothing."

    16. "Turns out, I should've been the lion and found some damn courage to say no to stupid costumes."

    17. "How did I become one of those people in a three-way relationship?"

    18. " 'You'd be a great seal,' they told me. 'You'll look fabulous,' they lied. When will I learn to trust myself?"

    19. "I thought these dots would make me look cool but now I'm just questioning my whole sense of self."

    20. "I told myself years ago: no Santa hats. Where did my pride go?"


    22. "I'll start eating more vegetables but not without shedding some tears for the dog I once was."

    23. "I have denigrated myself one too many times at this point."

    "I have made my choices."