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    19 Dogs Who Are Sick Of Being The Third Wheel

    Just 'cause they're single doesn't mean they want to tag along on your dates.

    1. This guy who gets it. They're in love. How great.

    2. The pug in the back is so sad because his friend his talking to you and only you.

    3. This dog who wishes these cats just didn't invite him over if they were going to snuggle like that.

    4. This dog who hates the pity party. She is single and fabulous, thank you very much.

    5. This dog whose best friend promised one-on-one kite-flying time and guess what. He has to watch this barf fest for the afternoon.

    6. This dog who's forcing a smile even though the obnoxious couple just said, "Don't worry, you'll find someone!"

    7. This dog who was subjected to this couple's gratuitous selfies for so long that he enlisted the help of a stranger to help him revolt.

    8. This dog who is not shy about telling his friends to STOP MAKING OUT IN FRONT OF HIM.

    9. These dogs bonded over being incompatible and then this swift kick in the face to this couple who insisted the two would "hit it off."*

    10. This dog who is not smiling, but grimacing after that horrible movie with you and your boyfriend.

    11. This dog who didn't realize his coupled friends taking him out to "cheer him up" would bum him out so hard.

    12. This dog who is sick and tired of this couple's failed "jumping in the air" shots. They're not cute, they're disgusting.

    13. This fifth wheel who just wants to cuddle too.

    14. This dog who's seeing how long his friends will notice that he's not walking with them.

    15. This pup who's embarrassed his coupled friends are bickering and is trying to make the most of the situation.

    16. This dog who was so sick of being the third wheel that he stole his best friend's girlfriend and locked him outside.

    17. This pup who thought, "Hey, a picnic with my two friends would be fun!" and then they shit on it with their PDA so now he's doing the same.

    18. This sad pug who misses when his BFF did that with him instead of his girlfriend.

    19. Except this guy, he loves it, sees no problem, what's a "third wheel" anyways?