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21 Dogs Rockin' White After Labor Day

Despite societal pressures to ditch their white furs post Labor Day, these dogs are making the boldest fashion statement of the season: wearing their light clothing all year round.

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1. "I always dread the passing of Labor Day...."

2. "These ears haven't been relevant for months but the end of summer makes them 'not okay'?"

3. "It's not fair I'm only considered fashionable three months out of the year."

4. "I've been told to dye my coat seasonally."


5. "White linens just look good on me"

6. "I spend all summer feeling fat and all winter feeling unfashionable."

7. "It's bad enough summer is ending, you're going to stick me with an arbitrary fashion rule too?"

8. "I'll spice up my favorite white shirt with some red but that's it: I like a plain and simple look."


9. "All summer we practiced not spilling on ourselves. Are we supposed to just go back to wearing navy just because you us to?"

10. "Wearing my white clothes year round makes me feel scandalous."

11. "You're going to take this bow away from me because of what the calendar says??"

12. "I laugh in the face of the fashion Gods who tell me I can't wear my white coat when I want to."


13. "I moved to California so the rule wouldn't apply."

14. "This is a picture of me in mid-October. That's right: OCTOBER!"

15. "When the winter blues get us down, sometimes ya need some vibrance in there."

16. "My favorite part of wearing my light clothes is getting mud on them."


17. "I love keeping my white pants in the closet all year round because they contrast well with my paws."

18. "If he can wear that suit in the summer, I can wear my suit in the winter."

19. "All this fashion talk is boring."

20. "Just let me wear what I want, when I want."

21. "I'm laughing because I know I'm so adorable you don't care what I wear."