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    Dogs Present 19 Tips For The Perfect Summer BBQ

    IT'S FINALLY SUMMER and you know what that means?? BBQ's! To help you out this weekend, these dogs present the ultimate guide on throwing the best BBQ of all time. Dogspeed, America!

    1. First, you must decide if you want a theme. Luau?

    Ballon themed?

    "Wear Your Meat" costume party?

    2. Truth is: You don't need a theme at all if you're grilling.

    3. Now it's time to invite all of your friends.

    4. Ordering fast food is not an option.

    5. So you'll have to pick up supplies.

    6. Around 10 minutes before your guests arrive, start heating up the BBQ.

    7. Propane is convenient but charcoal makes everything taste better. This part is up to you.

    8. When they finally get there, greet them with a warm smile.

    9. And a delicious, refreshing beverage.

    10. Pool time makes any BBQ A++

    11. Be sure to check your grill in between socializing.

    12. Make sure you provide your guests with other activities as well.

    13. Moonbounces are always a hit but not altogether necessary.

    14. Now it's time to feed your guests.

    15. No need for table manners at a BBQ.

    "Oh my god, it was so good"

    16. Good friends and good food make for the BEST BBQ EVER!

    17. When it's time to leave, you may need to call some of your guests a taxi.

    18. No need to clean up tonight.

    19. Just sit back and enjoy the spoils of your labor.