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17 Dogs Who Understand Exactly How You Feel Post The Dress

We are all these dogs.

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2. "I honestly don't know who to believe anymore. Are those trees outside even real?"

3. "But how can I see blue and you see white? Don't you love me?"

4. "If that dress doesn't have objectivity...can I subjectively drive??"

5. "Is that ball even there? How are we to be sure?"

6. "These paws used to contain answers and now they only contain questions!!"

7. "How am I supposed to know if that's me. What if you think that's you and I think that's me and the world is square and everything is meaningless."

8. "I dig and dig and get nowhere but there is nothing more to do!"

9. "But...I and blue???"

10. "If that dress is gold, that's possible that my farts smell bad."

11. "I thought there were certain truths in this world and I was clearly, dreadfully mistaken."

12. "I feel so alone with my visions, with my thoughts!"

13. "Are those flowers even green??"

14. "Nowhere is safe."

15. "I'm afraid to open my eyes for fear of all the lies."

16. "If you see black and blue and I see gold and it not possible that I am the human and you are the pet?"

17. "To me, the dress is black and white. Everything is black and white. You’re all just lying to yourselves."

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