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28 Faces Every Dog Owner Will Recognize

"Yes, I was the one who farted."

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1. When they learn a new trick.

2. When they don't understand why you dressed them like this...

3. ...and when they're kind of thrilled you did.

4. When you fart...

5. ...and when they fart.

6. That poop face.

7. When you're enjoying some popcorn on the couch.

8. When you say "treat".

9. When you say the word "walk".

10. When they're delighted about how dirty they are.

11. The "I gotta pee" face.

12. When they want to go on a walk.

13. When they've made a big mistake.

14. When they're so excited to be on a road trip.

15. When you're about to throw a ball.

16. When you come home at the end of the day.

17. When they've made a new friend.

18. When they get nervous at the vet/a thunderstorm/skateboarders.

19. When you don't give them some of your food and they break out this coy smile.

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20. When it's 7 AM and YOU'RE STILL NOT AWAKE??

21. When they know they're going to the dog park.

22. When they LOVE their new toy.

23. When you wake them up.

24. When you're doing work and they want to play.

25. When they want a hug...

26. ...and when they know you need one.

27. When you're leaving on a trip.

28. Best of all, when they haven't seen you in a long time...

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