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27 Cute Pictures To Get You Through That Hangover

Images presented sideways for optimal head-on-pillow reading.

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You may have woken up this morning and looked like this.

Don't worry, just lay your pretty little head down on that pillow and nurse your hangover with some cute*.

*Reading is very optional.

1. Look at this kitten who wants you to feel better.

2. And these pups who won't judge you for your decisions.

3. Pretend you are in this love sandwich.

4. And this bird is just smiling away your pain.

5. This dog who demonstrates perfectly how laughter and happiness sounds to you right now.

6. This donkey who embodies your greatest aspirations of being OK to go outside.

7. This upside down cat who is also very hungover.

8. Look at this ernest family!

9. And this maybe (definitely) still-drunk dog.

10. This puppy who also cannot.

11. This wise creature who wants you to know it will all be OK.

12. This frog on a cruise to no where.

13. Penny Lane.

14. A teacher and his student.

15. This classic sloth.

16. This cart o' pups.

17. These party kittens too tired to take off their New Year's caps.

18. This cat in a snowman cocoon made of dreams and possibility.

19. This happy lil dude.

20. This pup who promises to use her super powers for good and cure your hang over.

21. This little munchkin.

22. These pals.

23. This bun who will be you in a few hours.

24. This amazing woodland creature.

25. This adorable bookmark.

26. This champion of gluttony.

27. Alright, happy new year! Go get some french fries.

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