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Bubu The Chinchilla Will Inspire You To Live A Better Life

Just enjoyin' life, the chinchilly way.

This is Bubu and she's basically a life guru. The following is some of her life advice.

1. "You should always learn an instrument because you're never alone with music."

2. "Drink antioxidant tea every day."

3. "Learn to sew so you can help your friends when they rip their fav sweater!"

4. "EVERYONE deserves a spa day."

5. "Daily affirmations are key to a healthy lifestyle."

6. "Unwrinkled clothing = an unwrinkled mind."

7. "There is NOTHING some ice cream can't fix."

8. "Always be polite to those different than you."

9. "The customer is always right."

10. "Have a sick ride? Prepare for LOTS of attention."

11. "Good boyfriends come in all shapes and sizes."

12. "It's OK to bring your own snacks to a party."

13. "Always be ready for a trip."

14. "Being a good parent requires care and attention."

15. "The only secrets you should tell are compliments to the ones you love."

16. "BBQing is a deeply undervalued skill."

17. "DO NOT skip on the groceries."

18. "Most importantly, HAVE FUN..."

19. "...TREAT YOSELF."


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