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37 Cats Who Are Absolutely Done With Today

We have all been these cats from time to time.

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1. "I had planned to brush my fur today but this feels so much better."

2. "This shall be my biggest accomplishment for the day. Cat out."

3. "Finding a new minimal effort way to annoy you is not 'doing nothing' with my day."

4. "Want to go to sleep but the TV's so far..."

5. "Just let me sit my peaceful sit."

6. "This lace is too difficult to rip. Done catting for the day."

7. "Hey. It took effort to train the dog to do this. Let me reap my rewards."

8. "I'm just gonna wait here til my next meal, it makes more sense this way."

9. "Love cheese, hate raising my head."

10. "Got to work today and decided against it."

11. "OK, I started cleaning myself and fell asleep. It's not like I'm wearing sweatpants all day again."

12. "Sweatpants are my lifeblood."

13. "Nope."

14. "I know we have company coming over, but why would I get dressed up when this is my true, natural state?"

15. "I wear this hat because I don't have the fight left in me."

Mary Dauterman

16. "I'll let you paint me as one of your French girls if you feed me more grapes."

17. "Filing more like....uh, I don't even care to finish that thought."

18. "I can't with this seagull but I even more can't with caring."

19. "I will only put the minimal amount of effort into my practice."

20. "I know how I look right now and frankly, it's your problem if you're offended."

Sarah Dauterman

21. "I started reaching for the bird but...I"

22. "You think it would be 'good to go out and socialize'? I'll good and socialize you with my door."

23. "Good-bye, I'm going to go cat by myself for a while."

24. "I know what you said about the importance of this fax"

25. "I know I said I was training for the marathon but seriously, that's a crazy thing to ever agree to."

26. "Tearing up this toy takes too much time and effort."

27. "Nope. Nope. No thank you."

28. "I just can't even with these kids anymore."

29. "This is about how much I'll work for food."

30. "I could put my tongue back in my mouth if I wanted but I don't want to so leave me alone, OK?"

31. "Nope, nope. No catting for today."

32. "This is all I want in life."

33. "Look, I've tried this cat thing for a while, and I'm just over it."

34. "Eh."

35. "I can't with the laser pointer anymore. I just can't."

36. "Look, I didn't invite you over to rag on my lifestyle."

37. "Just not worth it."

Except this cat, this cat will never be done.

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